Stargate: Makeshift

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Stargate: Makeshift is a RPG for the SG-1 series, but isn't limited to the other Stargate franchises.
It takes place just after 'Homecoming' (702) where anything is possible for the Stargate Command. There's no limit to travel, however the Goa'uld is still a threat to Earth. Its up to the stargate teams to help protect life as we know it, and continue explorations to other planets.

For all the rules, characters and applications please head to

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Rachel Luttrell Interview



Check out my interview with actress Rachel Luttrell who talks about her role on Stargate: Atlantis. I don't think there are any spoilers about the show and her character but I will forwarn people anyway to be on the safe side!

If you know of a great spot to post these links, please do so. However, we do not give permission for any of the content of the interview to be posted at all.

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There are only a few days left to enter the fanfic and fanart contests at The deadline is this Thursday, July 15th. The winner of each contest will receive a DVD boxed set.

For more details about the contest, go to:

Also, be sure to join us in our spoiler chat room on Friday after the premiere of Stargate Atlantis. We will be discussing reactions to the new series.

Our chat room can be accessed here:
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SG-1 & Atlantis

There is a lowdown coming up that can be checked out on scifi's site. The two parter for sg-1/atlantis from what I see goes like this. july 9th sg-1 season 8 start, and lead into atlantis. july 16th atlantis, and lead from sg-1. now season 8 I presume as scifi...seeming to have little info on it will have a full season+. Now july 23rd is the next atlantis. I'm hoping they have sg-1 on the 16th, and 23rd too. O change days for season 8. Not half ass it onto a one episode season 8 lead to atlantis. stopping sg-1 right now...would be very very bad imo.
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I updated the comm a little. July 16th atlantis comes out, bangin. SG-1 season 8 episode 1 airs on the 8th of July I believe...I found this while surfing

Stargate Spoofpark

Pretty amusing. I just bet sg-1 season 8/atlantis is gonna own.
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The Second Part to Hero's was shocking, and amazing. It was like independence day on holy scifi crack. I cried:X I laughed, and I got all worked up over it. Then I was all like WOOT!@!@#$ At close to the end. The freeze scene, she showed feelings most think. Most I've talked to. The fanatics:) Well I haven't had time to post till now, but it's gonna be about 3 months, and one birthday for me till The new season, and atlantis airs. I'll be looking into a job, and thinking about this con I've always wanted to go to defcon. Like every spring to summer coming up.

Very Cool, maybe they'll make a Stargate 2: Atlantis, or Ancients, Movie someday.
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